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30 Minutes Could Save You $155K

If you live and work in Barrie, there is something you should know.

We, the people 30 minutes North of you, pay on average $155 450 less than you for a house.

The average home price in Barrie: $394 900
The average home price in Midland: $239 450

That’s right! You can hop on the 400, drive 30-40 minutes to Barrie and pay on average $8462 less per year on your mortgage. Don’t believe it? We google mapped it.

Victoria Harbour to Downtown Barrie = 36 Minutes

Coldwater to Mapleview = 35 Minutes

Midland to the Bayfield Mall = 40 Minutes

Wyevale to the Bayfield Mall = 28 Minutes

You can check the average price of a home anywhere in Canada here:

So I guess the question is, what is 30 minutes worth to you? Do you think you will start commuting to Barrie any time soon?

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